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InSight Books and the In-Sight Institute have one mission: Helping People Help People. This has evolved over the years, expanding from our grief care books and seminars across the country to include Celebrant training and certification.

Along the way, founder and author Doug Manning expanded his writings to include advice on elder care, a growing issue with the steady rise of the Baby Boomers as they face caring for their aging loved ones.

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Since 1978, Doug Manning has dished out his gentle wisdom with compassion and conviction leading him to become a best-selling author, sought-after speaker and a grief expert relied on by the media. His calling as an author and lecturer began after serving as a pastor and counselor for 30 years in churches in Oklahoma and Texas. He had grown increasingly concerned at the lack of knowledge and comfort that he and his fellow ministers had to offer to families when a loved one died and began to study the concept of grieving and the role that the funeral played in assisting a healthy grief journey and recovery.



As a result of this study, he wrote his first book, A Minister Speaks About Funerals, in 1978. He self-published the book and sold it primarily to funeral homes. In 1979, he wrote his first best-selling book, Don't Take My Grief Away From Me. He became more aware of the need for resources and seminars in the area of bereavement and life transitions.

Then, in 1983, he wrote When Love Gets Tough: The Nursing Home Decision. With the immediate success of that book, he made the commitment to follow this dream full-time. So, with a lot of hope, luck and faith, he changed careers and founded InSight Books as his publishing and seminar company. InSight has grown over the years and now specializes in books, video and audio productions specifically designed to help people face some of the toughest challenges of life.

InSight Institute:
Through Education
Comes Understanding

The InSight Institute is the training arm of the company providing Funeral Celebrant Training and other seminar and training opportunities during the year. You can see the Celebrant training schedule pages by clicking on Celebrants above.

Glenda Stansbury joined InSight in 1996 as Marketing & Development Director. She has worked as an educator, teacher trainer, and seminar developer. She is a practicing Celebrant, adjunct professor at the University of Central Oklahoma Funeral Department and is a licensed funeral director/embalmer. Glenda is available for speaking to funeral professionals at state and national conventions or for private staff training. For more information, contact Glenda at