Please Take Me Home Before Dark
One Family's Journey with Alzheimer's Disease
by Billie Pate with Mary Pate Yarnell

More than four million Americans, along with their families and friends, are experiencing what it's like to lose the beauty of memory, the self assurance of sound judgment, the "ah-ha" moments of understanding, and the control of body functions over which one has reigned a lifetime. This progressive loss is the heartbreak of Alzheimer's disease.

Please Take Me Home Before Dark provides inspiration, information, and support to family members and caring professionals of Alzheimer's patients (and other forms of dementia). Using a writing style that is warm, yet instructive; serious, though sometimes humorous; and highly personal, yet medically reliable, the authors share their mother's progression through Alzheimer's to benefit others facing the same situation. Although intensely personal, the book also magnifies meanings and provides practical help. Each chapter includes a sensitive, poetic introduction; an empathetic and informative description of the Alzheimer's process; poignant personal illustrations; and at-a-glance sections to help readers map the patient's journey and provide loving care with hope and confidence.

Published by Hillsboro Press
84 pages


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