Sacred Moments
A Minister Speaks About Funerals
by Doug Manning

In 1978 a young minister sat down to write his first book. He wanted to reach his fellow clergy members; sharing some of the lessons he had learned while walking with people on their grief journeys. He titled his book A Minister Speaks About Funerals and hoped the message of truly touching people at their most desperate time of need would change how his profession thought about funerals. He sold these books out of his garage and did pretty well for a first effort.

Since that time, Doug has authored over thirty-five books, audio, and video products clearly focused on helping people during difficult life transitions. He has traveled the world with his speaking engagements and helped thousands of people. But, he never lost his initial hope--that he could impress upon ministers the importance of a meaningful, personalized and individualized funeral service based upon a family meeting and a partnership with the funeral profession. Thirty years later, he came full circle, writing once again this book with a timeless message: People in grief need sacred moments and they need compassionate and caring professionals who are willing to provide those moments for them.

For clergy or anyone called upon to help families provide a funeral or memorial service for their loved one.

32 pages
2nd Edition

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