An InSight Certified Celebrant is a person who has been trained and certified by InSight to meet the needs of families during their time of loss. A funeral Celebrant serves by providing a funeral service, memorial service, or tribute that is personalized and individualized to reflect the personality and life-style of the deceased after consultation with the family and loved ones and coordination with the funeral home.

Individuals from all walks of life have come to learn how to provide meaningful, personalized, individualized funeral services.

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Celebrant Training Schedule 2022

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Jan 17-19, 2022  ZOOM (InSight)
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Mar 16-18, 2022  Concord MA (MFDA)
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May 17-19, 2022  Key West FL
     More info to come

September 18-22, 2022 NJ (NJSFDA)
     More info to come

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Total Celebrants Trained: 4665

Becoming a Celebrant

Who Should Attend?

This training a specifically designed for anyone interested in understanding the process of the funeral service and in learning how to personalize and design meaningful funerals or tributes. A successful Celebrant is one who enjoys working with people, has writing and public speaking ability as well as listening and consulting skills. The seminar attracts a wide variety of participants: funeral directors, pre-need and aftercare specialists, hospice professionals, clergy, chaplains, retired teachers, business people, actors, writers and students.

What is the Training?

The curriculum covers articulating the Value of the Funeral, Listening Skills, Family Meetings, Service Planning, Music and Readings Resources, Writing, Closing Ceremonies, Master of Ceremonies, Presentation Skills, and Developing the Celebrant Concept in the Community.

Participants will receive a Celebrant Training Notebook and a copy of Doug Manning's book, The Funeral: A Chance to Touch, A Chance to Serve, A Chance to Heal.

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What will a Celebrant Offer a Funeral Home?

Connecting with a Celebrant will provide a funeral home an invaluable resource to offer to families who do not have or do not wish to utilize a clergy person. After a few Celebrant funerals, word will spread quickly about the meaningful and caring funerals being conducted by the firm.

Some firms choose to send one or more people from their staff or community to become a Celebrant so that they will always have someone available to serve their families. Others use Celebrants in their community who are available to any funeral home.

How do I Register for Celebrant Training?

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