Things that Make me Crazy / Things that Make me Smile

Things that Make me Crazy / Things that Make me Smile

My job has increasingly required a lot of time in the air. This year InSight Books will conduct 16 Celebrant Trainings, I will attend 3 national conventions, 10 speaking engagements, including one in Brazil (!), and two board meetings in New Jersey. I am a frequent flier with a capitol F.

So, I spend a lot of time in airports observing as life careens and slides by with people getting from point A to point B for work, for family, for vacations, for funerals, for education. No matter the call to the friendly skies, it requires being in a space with a lot of my fellow human beings. Since the less-than-friendly-skies have been in the news a lot lately, I decided to make my list of things that I think about while flying::

Things that make me crazy

People who take two seats in airport waiting areas, because, of course, their bag is more important than someone else being able to sit down.

Restroom doors that open inward so you must wrestle your bags around the door to get in and out.

First time travelers who have no idea how to get through security lanes.

TSA—no further comment needed

Passengers who insist on having their boarding pass on their phones and then delay the line trying to get their phones to wake up. The paper ones are free people!!

Carry-on bags the size of steamer trunks and the people who clog up the aisles trying to stuff them in the overhead.

Lines ten deep at the gate counters after a delayed flight with only one airline representative working.

Snacks for purchase on planes

Not enough plug ins for chargers

Overbooked flights

Things that make me smile

Airports that have special areas for little ones to play during those long layovers

TSA Pre-Check

The care taken with those who need assistance with their transport

Dunkin Donuts grilled cheese sandwiches

On time departures and arrivals

Southwest flight attendants who are really funny

Smoking lounges

Rocking chairs

Charger stations at every seat

Baggage appearing on the carousel

No one else in my row


Every day we experience life. Whether we focus and pay attention to the people and adventures around us, or we keep our heads down and keep plugging, things are happening around us. It’s our choice to observe, to engage, to think and to grow from the opportunities presented.

At InSight Books, we strive each day to be very present for the customers who contact us. We understand that when you sell books for life transitions, that most of the people you speak to are going through one of those life transitions, or knows someone who is. It’s our job to listen, to respond, to offer kind words and guidance. Most people just need to tell their story and we are honored to hear it. We try very hard to make our list of things that make us smile much longer than the things that make us crazy. Most days we succeed.

Have you made a list recently? What would it include?