A Journal for the Journey

An introduction to hospice

by Doug Manning

InSight has been a partner with hospice for over 30 years, providing aftercare books and resources that have been given to thousands of families. We have always supported and advocated the important gift of presence and comfort that hospice offers.

While visiting with our hospice clients over the years, we have often heard that one of the hurdles in hospice care is establishing that relationship with the patient and the family so that they truly embrace and understand the scope and mission of hospice care. There are so many forms to fill out, so many adjustments and physical issues to attend to, that it is sometimes difficult to compassionately explain what this journey is going to feel like for the family.

This book by Doug Manning addresses those needs. Presenting this book as part of the introduction at the start of care gives the family an opportunity to understand that this is not just about the patient, that their hospice is there to care for the family and to attend to their journey as well. With short chapters covering some of the questions and concerns that families might have, and pages to journal or keep track of changes or observations, this book can accompany the family through the entire care experience.

Presenting this book as part of the start of care can comply with requirements set forth in Medicare Interpretive Guidelines 418.43(c)(7) delineating individualized care plans for each family situation.

A Journal for the Journey can be used as a stand-alone resource, but also is a powerful additional step in the InSight Program of Care that provides support and guidance for professionals, patients and families every step of the way.

48 pages / 6 x 9 envelopes for mailing are also available in this catalog

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A Journal for the Journey

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