The Power of Presence Book & DVD Combo

Helping People Help People

By Doug Manning

The most important skill that a professional or a lay caregiver can possess is knowing how to be present for people in pain. How to be comfortable with their experience. How to "get in another person's bucket".  Doug takes the reader on a journey through each of the difficult transitions in life—aging, dying, grief, care giving—and outlines how to be a solid and unwavering comfort for those people in your world.

The DVD set follows each chapter in the book and provides a wonderful training or springboard for discussion. The book and DVD are custom designed for trainers with questions and tips at the back of the book and suggestions when to stop the DVD and have a further discussion.

The Combo set includes 10 books and 1 DVD. What an easy way to provide quality training for your staff, your ministry teams, or your volunteers.

This is an incredible resource for anyone in elder care, death care, or pastoral care professions.

Watch a preview of the DVD by clicking here

Book 118 pages

Disk One: Introduction    33:14 min
Disk Two: When Youth Has Fled    16:57 min
When Care Must Be Given    17:02 min
When Death Draws Near    16:16 min
When Grief Overwhelms    25:47 min
When You Need a Friend    20:38 min

Items in this combo may also be purchased separately: The Power of Presence Book or The Power of Presence DVD Set

Power of Presence Combo

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