The Gifts You Bring Series

Your Gift of Participation, Your Gift of Peace, Your Gift of Presence

by Doug Manning

The booklets in this series outline how family members with a loved one in a care facility can work in concert with the care facility staff to make the transition and the living situation more stable.

Doug describes how to become a team of care with the professionals, how to communicate with your loved one and how to have a positive and healthy relationship after a care placement has been made.

Your Gift of Participation: Families often feel isolated and helpless to find ways to be a part of their loved one's care. This book outlines ways for the family to work in concert with the staff and become part of the team of care for the resident.

Your Gift of Peace: Doug identifies the sources of caregiver guilt following a placement decision and outlines ways to recognize and deal with the issues. This will be a most valuable resource to alleviate the anger and turmoil brought on by unresolved guilt.

Your Gift of Presence: Families often don't know how to engage with their loved one in a care facility and may avoid visiting because they feel awkward. This book provides innovative ideas for how to be an active participant in the resident's life.

24 pages each

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