Hospice Notes

By Doug Manning

Every patient and family present unique challenges in care as the hospice staff accompanies their path. Some families will need support and guidance in specific areas, depending upon the situation or history. Our Hospice Notes are perfect for providing targeted information and support for each family.

Four different notes:

Complicated Grief addresses those families who present with previous losses or other factors which may create a more challenging hospice and grieving experience.

It Takes a Family to Grieve a Loss provides guidance to families who are struggling to figure out how to incorporate children or other family members into the caring routine.

Never Alone is written for the patient, giving compassionate explanations about what they might be experiencing and what to expect.

Why Have a Funeral? can answer those questions that hospice professionals receive. Doug is a dedicated proponent of the healing power of gathering & ceremony and provides the family with reasons for beginning their grief journey in a healthy and holistic way.

Sold individually or in packages of 50.

Hospices may call for a free sample.

Hospice Notes

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