The Special Care Series (Spanish Version)

Serie sobre Cuidados Para La Aflicción

Descubra el Permiso de Afligirse, Descubra la Significación, Descubra la Comprensión, Descubra el Consuelo

by Doug Manning

Our Special Care Series in Spanish. This unique series consists of four books designed to be sent/read during the first year of grief. They are written for the 3rd week, 3rd month, 6th month and 11th month following a death.

People who receive them tell us that each book spoke directly to their needs at the time as they walked their grief journey. What a wonderful way to tell someone that you remember and care about their loss all year long.

The four books come with 6x9 envelopes for mailing. It is a perfect bereavement follow-up program for Spanish speaking families that takes little time or administration.

Libro Uno: Descubra el Permiso de Afligirse (Book One: Discovering Permission)
Libro Dos: Descubra la Significación (Book Two: Discovering Significance)
Libro Tres: Descubra la Comprensión (Book Three: Discovering Understanding)
Libro Cuatro: Descubra el Consuelo (Book Four: Discovering Comfort)

24 pages each

See our coordinating Comfort Card: Spanish Anniversary to send at the anniversary of a loss.

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Special Care Series SPANISH

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